I was too tired with all the travelling and then taking care of the stuff which came with us to this new city at our new house. Though travelling is one of the beautiful thing which refresh you all way possible but when you already know that you have a new place to decorate and within two days you also have to join the new work place kills you. This happened with me this time and my bones were jam and super stiff with almost 12 hours driving. Now I needed a hot shower and delicious food awaiting me on the rug which was the only thing which I unpacked so that at least I sit or lie down on. In this time of desperate need came Menulog coupon code log as the knight in shining armor, winning my heart.

I remember before going for the shower I called my friend Stacy to ask her what good should I order and make myself feel welcomed in the city. Stacy was my best friend and she already was living in Melbourne and she was the one who told me about this new job. The place was known to her and that was the reason I called her for help. She just told me to go through Menulog and get all my food cravings satisfied.

Following her directions was the only solution and I saw a huge list of food restaurants which were all ready to serve me direct from the oven. To be honest with the long trip and tiring body I didn’t have the urge to eat but with no proper intake of food churned my stomach and gave a sign that I can eat a whole cow right here right now.

I choose a Chinese restaurants from where I got a hot bowl of vegetable soup, noodles and fried chicken wings which I think would make me plenty full. After placing my order I just put few boxes in their places to open them in the morning to start with the setting things up. After doing this I went to take shower with long hot shower I came out and was changing into my clothes when the bell rang on my door and I was quite confused who that can be at this hour.

When I opened the door I saw the delivery guy who was there with my food. I was so shocked to see that how the platform was able to provide me food in very less time. The total amount which was shown to me when I was placing order was also very less as I use the coupon which was given to me to avail on placing my order.

The food looked super scrumptious and had the aroma which made my mouth water. The taste was even better than the aroma and I was so happy to have ordered using the platform which is now going to be one of my first friend I made after I came to Melbourne. Try for yourself and be the judge if don’t believe my words and avail Menulog coupons to get discount on your purchase.

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